iOS Firmware File for iPhone Download

iOS Firmware File for iPhone Download

iOS Firmware for iPhone:

iPhone is the world best and most popular mobile brand, they may have developed thousands of new brands with the most effective and technological features. So today On this page, we are sharing the best iPhone flashing software for our trusted and healthy users and visitors who want to learn and flash their mobile phones. We will provide iOS firmware file for iPhone download. Follow the instructions to flash your iPhone and appreciate establishing or modding your gadget, blazing authority firmware can be extremely valuable. If you are looking for an article to learn about flashing iPhone then must come on this page and learn full knowledge related to flashing.

The official iOS firmware ROM for iPhone free download for all windows versions both 32-bit and 64-bit OS. The best solution for mobile phones is flashing with using official and professional flash file or flashing box. If you got an iPhone, but you are not satisfied with your smartphone, you want to learn about flashing, you are searching flash tool for your iPhone  and you reached this landed page, don’t worry you are in the right place, You can download iPhone firmware-flash file from below download link in this landed page.

The direct links for the iOS firmware below updates that have been released for the iPhone by Apple so far. If you’re not sure which firmware file to download for your iPhone, then check the post which will help you identify which firmware file to download based on your iPhone’s model. Note: If you’re downloading the firmware file using Safari then ensure that auto unzips feature is disabled or use Chrome or Firefox.

How to download & flash?

  • First download iOS firmware (flash file) from our website
  • When download complete, extract the iPhone iOS flash file on your windows
  • After the extract file, you will be able to get flash file/tool
  • You should also installed its required USB driver if already installed skip the step
  • Follow the given step how to flash guide to flash iPhone firmware
  • Finally, enjoy its latest features after flashing

Please be noted that while flashing or reset of your phone this will more important thing be careful, you must save phone backup data to another platform because if you don’t this then you can lose your backup which is in your phone. After flashing phone is totally new and updates stock firmware must keep this thing in your mind to save phone backup which includes (Messages, Contacts, Videos, Audios, Files, Documents, Information’s etc).

  • DownloadiOS12(iPhone5sGSM+CDMA)iPhone,4.0,64bit,12.0,16A366,Restore.ipsw
    Download iOS 12 (iPhone 6 Plus)iPhone_5.5_12.0_16A366_Restore.ipsw
    Download iOS 12 (iPhone 6)iPhone_4.7_12.0_16A366_Restore.ipsw
    Download iOS 12 (iPhone 6s)iPhone_4.7_12.0_16A366_Restore.ipsw
    Download iOS 12 (iPhone 6s Plus)iPhone_5.5_12.0_16A366_Restore.ipsw
    Download iOS 12 (iPhone SE)iPhone_4.0_64bit_12.0_16A366_Restore.ipsw
    Download iOS 12 (iPhone 7 GSM+CDMA)iPhone_4.7_P3_12.0_16A366_Restore.ipsw
    Download iOS12 (iPhone 7 Plus GSM+CDMA)iPhone5.5,P3,12.0,16A366,Restore.ipsw
    Download iOS 12 (iPhone 7 GSM)iPhone_4.7_P3_12.0_16A366_Restore.ipsw
    Download iOS 12 (iPhone 7+ GSM)iPhone_5.5_P3_12.0_16A366_Restore.ipsw
    Download iOS 12 (iPhone 8 GSM+CDMA)iPhone_4.7_P3_12.0_16A366_Restore.ipsw
    DownloadiOS 12 (iPhone 8 Plus GSM+CDMA)iPhone5.5,P3,12.0,16A366,Restore.ipsw
    Download iOS 12 (iPhone 8 GSM): iPhone_4.7_P3_12.0_16A366_Restore.ipsw
    Download iOS 12 (iPhone 8 Plus GSM): iPhone_5.5_P3_12.0_16A366_Restore.ipsw
    DownloadiOS12 (iPhoneX,GSM+CDMA)iPhone10,3,iPhone10,6,12.016A366Restore.ipsw
    DownloadiOS 12 (iPhone X GSM)iPhone10,3,iPhone10,6,12.0,16A366,Restore.ipsw


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