Download Vivo Mobile Y91, Y93, Y95, V11 User Lock FRP Unlock Tool By MRT Key

Today we are sharing brilliant tool for Vivo mobile devices called Vivo FRP Lock/bypass tool. Vivo mobile Y91, Y93, Y95, V11 User Lock FRP Unlock Tool best tool to bypass FRP lock. It is also easy to use and unlocks the Vivo android device within minutes. You have to download it to your pc and then connect your phone via USB cable. Thus it is a great and easy to use tool to bypass google account.

Vivo Y91, Y93, Y95, V11 Unlocking;

As we all know MRT Key is one of the best mobile flashing tools. User can use this amazing tool to perform many tasks [Mobile Related]. But the main problem is that most of the latest Mi phones come with a pre-locked bootloader. So it’s really hard to bypass Mi account after a factory reset if the bootloader is locked. On that condition, you have to boot the Mi account locked the device into EDL mode or emergency downloading mode.

Steps to Do Unlocking Process:

Vivo V11 Test Point Ways Here

EDL mode is the most important part of this Mi account bypass method. If the bootloader of the device is locked then you can’t flash MIUI fast boot ROM directly. MRT Key will show the error.

So we are assuming that your Redmi 5a bootloader is locked and we will boot it into edl mode via test point. The process is here.

  • At first open Device Manager on your pc & don’t close the window. [My Computer >> Right Click > Manage > Device Manager]
  • Next power off the locked Vivo phone properly.
  • Open back cover of the device safely. The process is a little bit technical, so please Do Google to learn “how to open back cover of Vivo Phone]
  • Once the back cover removed, remove the battery terminals first. [Don’t forget to remove battery points, it’s important]
  • Next, short the test point using any copper wire or pin. Check the below screenshot and short the same points only.
  • At the same time of shorting test points, connect the phone with pc via USB cable. [If getting difficulty, take help of your family member or friend]
  • As soon as you will connect the device with pc, Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 Port will reflect in the device manager.

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Please Note: Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 Port must be visible under the Device Manager section. If it’s not reflecting, repeat the above process properly.

Once the device booted into edl mode, use free Miracle 2.58 flash tool to remove Mi account verification.

  • Download Vivo Y91, Y93, Y95, V11 Unlock Tool from here. 
  • Extract the downloaded Vivo Unlock Tool and run as administrator.
  • Wait to launch
  • Vivo Y91, Y93, Y95, V11 Unlock Tool
  • properly.
  • Click on “Start Button” option from below.

Device may take long time to reboot after applying the mi account removal process. So sit back and wait for normal boot.

Vivo Y95 or Vivo 1807 “Forgotten Password”
Done with New Update MRT Vivo 

Download Vivo FRP Lock Tool MRT



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